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SpringyCamp 2017 Summer Series

Three Days of Camp! July 11th, August 8th & September 12th.

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Looking at Stats from a Different Perspective

Emily Profile ImageEmily Newberry, University of Michigan-Flint

Emily has worked at Thompson Library since 2008 and has managed the Springshare suite of products since they first subscribed in 2011.  She loves trying new things with the Springshare tools, helping students with their senior capstone projects, and increasing the visibility of academic librarians in university governance. Her husband who is a public librarian she has two daughters, who are five, and three. 

Program Description:

Often when looking at how successful web content is, we rely on page views. This only goes so far to let you know how well you’re reaching your users. Asset views can be a much more reliable way to see if the content on your pages is successfully getting your users to where they want to be. This presentation will show you how to look at your asset usage and how to determine whether your resources are being accessed from your research guides or from your A-Z page. It will also show how integrating Google Tag manager can help bridge the gaps in stats that may not currently be available through Springshare and using that knowledge in your guide design (or redesign).


Using Springy Tools to build partnerships across campus: (LibGuides CMS, LibCal, LibWizard)

kendra profile imageKendra Lake, Director of Library Services, St. Clair County Community College

Kendra Lake is the Director of Library Services at St. Clair County Community College, and has been working at SC4 Library in a variety of roles since 2011. Her favorite workday includes opportunities to problem solve, collaborate, and share. When not wearing her librarian hat, Kendra enjoys all things outdoors.  

Program Description:

This year, SC4 Library collaborated with our Community & Alumni Relations department to support the planning of the 2017 Free College Day event, a daylong learning opportunity that brings in presenters and students from around the community. Using a combination of LibGuides CMS, LibCal, and LibWizard, we were able to coordinate scheduling and registration, organize the event’s offerings into an easy to navigate branded website, and collect feedback to assess and plan for next year's event.


Organizing Campus Workshops for Graduate Students

profile image victorVictor D Baeza, Director of Library Graduate Services, Oklahoma State University

Mr. Victor Baeza provides leadership to the OSU Libraries in the areas of services to graduate students. He has continuously worked to develop new outreach opportunities and collaborations across campus. His 20 years of involvement in library instruction has given him diverse experience in designing, directing and delivering workshops, training sessions, and seminars to the academic community. Victor has a BS in Communication from Eastern New Mexico University, a MLS from the University of North Texas, and received his MBA from Texas Christian University.

Program Description:

Since 2014, the Oklahoma State University Libraries has partnered with other campus groups to provide workshops to graduate students. In 2016, in partnership with the OSU Graduate College, a digital badge program was initiated to coordinate, organize, and develop workshops for students. Using LibGuides as the programs public face, LibCal to schedule workshops and communicate with registrants, and LibWizard to survey attendees, the Edmon Low Library is well on it’s way to organizing all the campus workshops offered to graduate students.

Build, Share, Success: “Comprehensive” Roadmap for Building Guides Description

PJ Purchase

PJ Purchase, University Librarian - University of Phoenix

PJ Purchase has been the Director of the University Library since 2008 and has previously held positions within the library since 2000. PJ is charged with the strategic planning, budgeting and overall operation of the University Library. Ms. Purchase received her MLS from the University of Arizona, has a MBA, and has participated in the Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians though the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. She is interested in research topics such as digital librarianship, distance education, library management and impactful information literacy instruction.


Karen profile imageKaren GrondinUser Experience & Accessibility Librarian,  University of Phoenix

Karen Grondin is the User Experience & Accessibility Librarian at the University of Phoenix. She is the Library’s administrator for LibGuides and LibAnswers, manages the Library’s discovery layer and handles technical issues. She earned her MLS from the University of Arizona in 2007, but has worked in academic libraries in a variety of positions for more than 20 years. Her primary area of interest these days is web accessibility.

Program Description:

With the application of a conceptual framework of the Service Design model, a roadmap for building and updating library guides needs to be developed/created.  To ensure that the guides are built consistently, managed and completed in the timely manner, and meet the benchmark requirements for guides set by the University Library, we are exploring the use of Springshare and other products to support this process.  This presentation will outline our current requirements and identify how the products will support the process.

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