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M.L.I.S. Simmons College 2004. Public & Academic Librarian since 1992

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LibGuides is an easy to use Content Management System used by many thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians use it to curate knowledge and share information by creating online Guides on any topic, subject, course, on any process, on any thing.

  • Create subject, course, or topic Guides
  • Use LibGuides as your library website
  • Store your database A-Z lists for easy reuse
  • Create and maintain Staff Profile Pages
  • LibGuides is multilingual too!
  • Mobile and Tablet-friendly out of the box

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Frequently Asked Questions

LibGuides CMS is the platinum package of LibGuides. It can do everything that basic LibGuides can do, plus a whole lot more!

>> Learn more in our Why Upgrade to LibGuides CMS LibGuide.

Custom domain mapping (CDM) allows you to choose your own URL for your LibGuides system. Here are a few examples of real custom domains used by LibGuides customers:

Basically, it's one more way you can brand your LibGuides site as coming from your library.

We perform nightly backups of all our databases, so in the case of a catastrophic system crash, the most data you could lose is the current day's worth of new content. Please note that we have NEVER had a system crash.

The data is backed up to network attached storage, so it doesn't reside on the same servers as the production environment. We also regularly check the integrity of our daily backups.

LibGuides is a fully hosted package, and we don't offer the option to host your content on your own local servers. There are many advantages to this method:

  • Our system uptime is near-legendary - and while we don't guarantee an uptime percentage, we go to great lengths to make sure that LibGuides is available all the time.
  • You'll never need to worry about installing system updates or system maintenance - we take care of that. You're always running the latest-and-greatest system and you'll always have access to new updates.
  • Since all systems are hosted, cross-system communication is a breeze making it easy to reuse and copy guides between libraries. 

Yes! You absolutely can add search boxes and widgets of any kind.

Your content is your own. If you ever decide to cancel your LibGuides subscription, we'll give you all of your data in an XML format within 30 days of canceling. 

LibGuides is priced based upon the number of users in your demographic accessing the system.

  • For Academic Libraries - this would be your total FTE
  • For Public Libraries - your total registered card holders
  • For School Libraries - your total number of students
  • For Special Libraries - this would be your total number of intended patrons accessing/using the LibGuides

We don't like the word 'limit'. You can create an unlimited number of guides and accounts.

From 3” smartphones to 28” monitors, your users have a variety of tools at their disposal. LibGuides automatically delivers the optimal display – whatever device they’re on.