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Springshare Product Logos & Brochures

Feel free to download and share!

Terms of Use - All the Fun Without the Jargon

Talking 'bout Springshare

Hey, we get it! Sometimes you might need to refer to Springshare tools or your web presence using said Springy Tools. That's why we've outlined some Do's & Don'ts.


  • Capitalize the word 'Springshare'
  • When referring to Springy tools, capitalize the 1st and 4th letters:
    • LibGuides
    • LibAnswers
    • LibCal
    • LibStaffer
    • LibInsight
    • LibConnect
    • LibWizard
  • Feel free to rebrand your Springy tool to whatever you'd like! Call them LibGuides, ResearchGuides, InfoGuides, whatever floats your proverbial boat.
  • When referring to our tools in a professional capacity such as a conference, presentation, article or blog post, try and use the 'official' name. 
  • Resize the images listed here. All images are png files sized at 220 pixels. 
  • Try that new haircut you've been thinking about. You know you want to!


  • Use Springshare logos, product names, or brochures for non-Springshare products. C'mon, that's not nice!
  • Change the color or alter the design of any of the logos you see listed here.
    If you have a specific question, feel free to email us at
  • Fight about whether it's Lib or Libe - however you want to say it is the right way. We promise.