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Brunch & Learn

March 8, 2018: LibAnswers' Query Spy

On March 8th, we tackled LibAnswers' Query Spy, a fantastic way to dig in to FAQ statistics and see what your patrons are really searching for.

Our two guest speakers discussed:

  • what they've learned from Query Spy statistics
  • how they've used the data to modify their FAQs
  • outcomes of their FAQ updates. 

Guest Presenters

Kira Litvin, NorthCentral University librarianKira Litvin
​Reference & Instruction Librarian
NorthCentral University

The NorthCentral University Library uses LibAnswers as "Ask a Librarian" with over 300 FAQs.  I've reviewed Query Spy data for search terms and question phrases that patrons actually use, then determine ways to improve our FAQ offerings. This includes adding terms as tags to existing FAQs increase the chance that they will be discovered in new searches and creating new FAQs.  


Lynn VanLeer Walden University LibrarianLynn VanLeer
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Walden University

The Walden Library spearheaded the use of Springshare products across our Academic Centers, with LibAnswers being one of the first. Our FAQ system is branded internally as Quick Answers.

In 2016 I categorized and analyzed three months of unsubmitted queries (approximately 30K) for Quick Answers. I wanted to know what users were trying to find but could not. This led to insights about what users were typing into the FAQ box, the creation of new FAQs, and helped with the eventual redesign of the Library website.


Session Recording