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Brunch & Learn

November 8, 2018: Using LibGuides to Refresh Your Website

Allyson Palagi, Information Services Librarian at Aurora University takes us on a library website redesign journey. Updating your library’s website can be a daunting task. There are a few things to consider before updating, such as what does your current site have? What works and what does not? What works on other institution’s websites? Then there is the practical side: coding, organization, and testing before launching. Even when your new site launches, you will come to realize the job is never truly done.

Session Recording:


Sites Allyson referenced in her presentation:

  • Trello - Collaborative space for working with your colleagues
  • Gliffy - Useful for creating Site Maps
  • W3Schools - Refresh (or learn) HTML and CSS Skills
  • Bootstrap - LibGuide’s building blocks
  • Bootsnipp - Testing grounds for coding items for Bootstrap
  • Canva - Easily create beautiful graphics