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Brunch & Learn

October 23, 2018: LibGuides Lab Work-In: Hands-On Help for Your Staff

Kellie Meehlhause discusses how the University of Minnesota Morris' Rodney A. Briggs Library established a biannual Research Guides Work-In. The Briggs Library relies on LibGuides to share subject-specific resources with students, however, various job responsibilities don't always leave librarians with adequate time to keep our Guides regularly updated. To improve LibGuides workflow and encourage collaboration, so during the semester breaks, time was set aside for librarians to meet in the library computer lab for the sole purpose of updating and developing their Research Guides.

Afterwards, Springy Michelle shows examples of Best Practices Guides,  how to create a Library Staff Lounge and build communication tools using Discussion Boards (LibGuides CMS) and Blogs.

Session Recording: