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LibCal Beyond the Library

Enterprise deployment for IT-Departments, Computer Labs, & More!

Route Access Through Your Authentication Layer

Authentication Functionality

Restrict reservations to specific groups on campus. We work with SAML, Shibboleth, CAS, LDAP, ADFS, SIP,  OAuth 2, Self-Hosting, and other authentication schemas.

Add multiple authentication schemes and apply each one uniquely.

Restrict Access To a Group Not Defined in Your Authentication Tool

If you have a specific Group of users not defined in your SSO authentication tool, you can define them in LibCal and restrict access. 

For example, if only Law School Students can access the Law School Computer Labs but Law School students aren't uniquely defined in your auth-layer... you can restrict Space and Seat reservations to this group. Our FAQ outlines the steps.

No Student Portal/Login

At Springshare, we're committed to protecting student information. To that end, we do not have a student portal/login... yet. It is in on long-term plan to create a student portal that is secure and compliant with FERPA regulations. 

Students can rely on email to confirm their reservations as well as .ICS files to add reservations to their personal calendars.