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What's LibGuides?

LibGuides allows you to curate information and share it with your students, parents, and teachers. Students go to search engines and find everything and walk away with nothing. They need a professional librarian to help them know what is real and what is available to them.

Boost usage of the stuff you're already paying for at your school.

Have fun adding:

  • links
  • videos
  • RSS feeds
  • images
  • books from the catalog
  • class readings
  • library databases
  • ...and more!
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Plus, you'll get statistics to show how the library adds value.

Explore LibGuides for Your School Library

Take Your LibGuides to the Next Level

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LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS builds upon the base LibGuides platform to provide you with even more features.

  • Groups - organize guides into groups that contain their own look & feel functionality. visually and logistically separate content.
  • Access Controls - Limit access to your system, a group of guides, or a single guide using IP Restrictions and Guide-level passwords.
  • Templating - Create an unlimited amount of templates to give unique groups of guides a distinct look & feel.
  • LTI Integration - Create a scalable Library Page natively inside courseware with relevant LibGuides, databases, Room Bookings, etc.
  • Real-time, RESTful API - pull any piece of content from your system and display it on any website using our robust API.
  • Enhanced Statistics - LibGuides CMS gives you even more information and details about how your system is being used.