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The K-12 Smart School Suite

LibCal Add-On Module: Equipment Booking

Beyond books

Perhaps it started with the good old DVD player with the monitor and the requisite remote controls. Then you added laptops and tablets and chargers for everything under the sun.

Some libraries have:

  • cameras and tripods.
  • exciting video and audio equipment.
  • projectors and microphones and podiums. 

The crux is this. Today, you have more than books making their way in and out of your library.

Enter LibCal's new add-on module -- Equipment Booking. 

  • Helps with students and patrons who want to borrow a museum pass or phone charger.
  • Or, for those who need to book a space and also a slew of equipment to go along with it. 

How does it work?

  • They simply find what they need in the easily created Visual Equipment Catalog.
  • Perform the all too familiar Add to Cart.
  • Meanwhile, you can easily manage your special inventory.
  • Keep everything running smoothly with restrictions and durations and rules.
  • You can keep all the necessary information for the items in the same place (serial numbers, warranties, etc.).
  • Plus, prepping for the day's outgoing equipment and checking stuff back in is easy from start to finish.