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Libraries Committed to Having an Answer for Every Question

Yale University Library

  • Customizable - Very clean look with question box top and center, a protip from the librarians and Featured Questions and Answers.
  • LibChat - Allows for the initiation of anonymous chat. Plus they provide links to Subject Specialist and Personal Librarian pages.
  • Extensive Topics Cloud - Makes it easier for people to find what they need.
  • Contact Us Box - Provides not just phone and email but also their Texting number and the hours.
  • Full Answers - The answers contain instructions and links and screenshots. Plus you'll find related questions.

San Francisco Public Library

With 146,000+ people having viewed their How do I get a library card FAQ, you can only imagine how many people SFPL serves. 

  • Groups for Languages - SFPL uses the Public Facing Groups functionality to showcase their FAQs in various languages.
  • Topics Dropdown - A thorough list of topics allows people to tailor their search. Included are eBooks and Teen Services, etc.
  • My Library Account Box- Proactively created a box on the home page with questions regarding patron accounts.

San Antonio Public Library

  • Customizable - Clean layout with useful site-wide navigation shortcuts added to the top right.
  • Info Alert Box - Contains a welcome message and useful tip as patrons begin.
  • Contact Us Box - Provides not just Phone but also their Texting number and custom forms for specific popular topics like ebooks and genealogy.
  • Two Ways to Access Topics ;- They've made it easier for their patrons to find what they need.
  • Answer Pages - With as many as 61,691 views for a question, their answer pages feature steps, links, related questions, comments, etc.