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An FAQ That Works For You - Day In And Day Out

Create excellent answers that can be grouped and searched!

Build and maintain a 24/7 accessible knowledge base of FAQs that you share.

  • Matches Your Workflow - When a question comes into the queue, answer it and then add it to your knowledge base so it can continue to help others. 
  • Create Engaging Answers - Add links, images, video and more to your FAQs. Users can vote with a thumbs up or down on the answer.
  • Organize FAQs into Groups -Create an unlimited number of public-facing FAQ groups like Archives, YA, or Citation. Groups can be independently customized.
  • Internal Use: Create private groups for internal use -- grouping together vacation policies or professional how-to questions.
  • Full-Text Searchable: Add Topics and Keywords as you're creating FAQs to make them findable. Patrons can type in whole sentences or keywords and LibAnswers will show filterable results or matches.

Learn from the uniquely designed Query Analyzer.

Get robust statistics to help you measure your knowledgebase growth of FAQs. Query Analyzer is a unique feature that puts you over the top on data love.

  • Real-Time Search Stats - Keep tabs on what your users are asking and searching for. 
  • FAQ Matching Results - Study results patterns. Did they get a match? A Direct Match via Auto-Suggest? Was the question not submitted? Did they click on something else? You'll know!
  • Referring URL - See where your user was when they asked the question. Your library website? Your LibGuides system? Facebook?
  • Charts and Exports - See and export the queries. View charts. Export stats.