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Universal Inbox with Powerful Ticketing Functionality

Universal inbox routes all library questions into one place.

Robust ticketing functionality ensures you provide great customer service.

  • Multiple Channels into One Smart Inbox - Route emails, SMS/text messages, question form submissions, and Twitter / Facebook posts into one smart inbox for all to see.
  • Control Who Can See (and Answer) Specific Tickets - Reference librarians don't need to see questions for Archives, and Circulation librarians don't need see (or answer) ILL questions. Reduce signal-to-noise ratio by controlling who has access to what.
  • Collaborate on Answers - Leave internal notes for staff and see who else is viewing a ticket at the same time.
  • Ticketing Status & Tagging - Mark tickets as open, pending, new, or closed. Assign internal tags to tickets, like 'wifi' or 'electronic resource management', for stats gathering. This way, you'll never 'lose' a ticket interaction again.
  • Merge & Reassign Tickets - Did a patron send in duplicate questions? Merge tickets together and reassign tickets to another librarian or department.
  • Macros for Fast (and Best!) Answers - Ensure high-quality and consistent service with Macros. These 'best' answers can contain auto prefilled information, including the patron's name!
  • Create Custom Views - If the social media librarian only needs to see new tweets, they can create a custom view on their dashboard. Create as many views as you'd like and seamlessly jump among them.
  • SMS Keywords & Auto-Responses - Create SMS keywords so when patrons text 'Hours' to your SMS number, they'll get an auto-response with your library's hours. 



Customize the Question Form

If you have an 'Ask Us' or 'Contact Us' form on your website - replace it with a LibAnswers Question Form. Route all patron inquiries to one smart inbox -- making it easier for customer service staff to manage. 

  • Add Custom Questions - Add multiple choice, dropdown, radio, checkbox, and text fields to your question form.
  • File Uploads - Allow patrons to upload files, 20 MB max.
  • Where is the Form Being Used - Inside your LibAnswers system, see which pages have which question form embedded.
  • Question Routing Field - For multiple-choice questions, choose a routing designation for specific responses. If the patron selects 'Undergraduate' > route that question submission to the undergraduate librarian. If the patron selects, 'Youth/YA', route their question to the Children's Services department.
  • Collect User Agent Info & IP Address - Choose to gather information on the patron's operating system and browser and IP address... all meta information that can help you to better assist with their query.
  • "Honeypot" Captcha - No one likes SPAM. Hidden captcha is enabled by default in your form to trick spambots. This way, only 'real' submissions get routed to your LibAnswers smart inbox.
  • Customize Success Message - Does your library have a 3-day turnaround policy when answering questions? Communicate that via a customizable success message that appears to the patron on form submission.
  • Off-Hours Success Message - What happens when a patron submits a question at 3am, when you're closed. Create a customizable off-hours success message that lets them know that their question has been received and will be answered when your library reopens.