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We Care About User Privacy As Much As You Do!

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy, in plain English, can be expressed as the following: When using Springshare tools and websites you may share information about yourself which may be considered private information. We are extremely careful when handling our user data, which may include your private information. We use every effort available to us to protect your data online. We will never misuse your data internally, or resell it externally. You have the right to know what data you submitted to Springshare and how we use it. Our customers are libraries and educational institutions - they have been the leading advocates in the fight for user privacy in the age of Internet. We fully support their vision regarding this, and when providing Springshare services our interests are aligned with the interests of our customers. In short, we care about protecting your data as much as you do! 

If you want to satisfy your inner lawyer (and to satisfy our laywers, too!), read the full text of Springshare's Privacy Policy.

GDPR Compliance

As of May 25, 2018 - Springshare is fully compliant with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. 

View Springshare's GDPR Compliance Statement including what we've done to ensure compliance.

  • Expanded Data Privacy Scrub - Enable enhanced privacy scrubs to remove patron-identifiable information. With this scrub option, your site will retain usage data, however, all potential patron-identifiable information will be removed.
  • Customizable Data Submission Notice - Add a customizable data submission notice that allows you to tell your patrons:
    • What data is stored
    • Why it is stored
    • Where it's stored
    • And for what purposes will their data be used
    • Even if you don't reside in the EU, the data submission notice is a great way to engender trust with your users by being completely transparent with how their personally identifiable information is being handled.

Data Submission Notice