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Reference Analytics - Track All The Work You're Doing

Don't forget to record data for your in-person interactions, too!

You get asked questions all the time.

Create datasets to capture the details.

  • Reference Desk - People line up to talk to you. They call the desk. They email you. Record these interactions!
  • Circulation - The questions being asked at the circulation desk may be different than those at the reference desk. Create separate datasets so you can keep track.
  • Instruction Sessions - You ask if they have any questions...and they do! Make sure you detail them; they might influence the next session.
  • Programs / Events - Questions you receive often come from a new audience - recording them helps with refining your customer service.

At the end of the get to analyze the data!

The LibAnswers platform is designed to not only help you efficiently serve your patrons by answering their questions - no matter what channel folks use to reach out to you - but also as a big ally in your battle to show how much work is being done by the library.

LibAnswers' statistics are about moving from recording to real reporting. Show how you contribute to student success. Learn what your public needs from you. Fight your fights...with data.

  • Date / Time Stats - Perfect for helping determine when it's busiest at the library to answer staffing questions.
  • Analyze Metadata - With excellent filtering options, decide what you want to examine.
  • User Stats - See which colleagues are answering the bulk of the questions.
  • Cross Tab Reporting - Take advantage of an incisive way to cut through your data to look at the relationship between two fields. 
  • Export Data - Charts are printable and downloadable as images and much of the data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.