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Stay In-The-Know with the Systems Status Management Tool

Always be sharing -- with status updates that keep patrons informed.

A Real Two-Way Street:

The System Status Management tool helps you keep your patrons informed about the current status of all your systems and services. Plus, encourage feedback with built-in functionality

System Help Widgets:

  • Build product-specific widgets and embed them in that product so you can be at the point of need.
  • Any product or service within your library can have its own Help Widget.
  • Best of all, the feedback from your patrons will get routed to your LibAnswers queue just like any other ticket!

Systems Feedback Manager:

We know how helpful it is to receive questions and comments from your users. But their impact and participation don't end there.

  • The System Feedback Manager gives you an overview of all the ideas, feedback, and suggestions that you've received.
  • Create a LibAnswers ticket out of the idea.
  • Post the idea to your Systems Dashboard so patrons can vote and add comments!