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The LibAnswers Platform

Dig Down With Useful Data and Create Helpful Reports

Who is asking? What is the level of difficulty? Via what channel?

No matter what you're tasked with learning, your data is there.

  • Do you want to know when it's busiest in the library?
  • Or identify holes in your outreach?
  • Or which avenue your patrons tend to use to communicate with your library?

The statistics package in the LibAnswers platform delivers.

Statistics help you go beyond recording to reporting.

The LibAnswers platform provides easily understood charts and graphs to illustrate your findings. Charts are printable and downloadable. You can even call up a report on the fly on a tablet in a meeting!

You'll have:

  • Real-Time Activity Reports - View total tickets for all your reference channels, the total number of search queries, and more. It's important to have a big picture look at what's happening in the system in real-time.
  • FAQ Access Stats - Keep on top of users' comments and votes. Plus, the Query Analyzer helps you see if there are gaps in your content. You'll see if the submission of questions is picking up and if they found a direct match in your FAQs, reassuring that you're meeting needs.
  • LibChat Stats - See daily, weekly, monthly distributions to help you staff your chat shifts and discover busy periods. Plus, get average duration, ratings, and more.
  • Social Media Activity Stats - How are your social efforts being received? Get aggregate stats or focus on individual channel engagement to measure growth.
  • Reference Analytics with READ Scale - Make sure to track your live interactions as well (phone, face-to-face, instruction, etc.).