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Embed Widgets So Users Can Ask - Wherever and Whenever

Let users know that help is just a click away with widgets.

Patrons can search FAQs, submit a question, or initiate a chat.

A key method for encouraging communication is to be in many places at once. It's convenient for a user to ask a question because your widget is where they are when they need it.

  • Easy to Build - The widget factory has a point-and-click interface, built-in limiters, and already looks amazing, though you can still customize it using CSS.
  • Integration with LibGuides - Add a LibAnswers widget seamlessly to your LibGuides content.
  • Referring URL Data - We record transactions from embedded widgets so you'll see which widgets are generating lots, or zero, traffic.
  • LibChat Widgets - Embedded LibChat widget jumpstarts a relationship with your patrons. It says, we're here if you need us. If you are not online, LibChat widgets can default to FAQ searching.