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LibCal for Academic Libraries: Your Calendaring Solution

A Room With A...Terms and Conditions Policy & Restrictions

No room monopolizing here, unless they booked it to play Monopoly

Spaces and Room Bookings Made Simple

Libraries have a number of study rooms or spaces, even desks/carrels that they'd like to make available for reserving. The main concern is always, how do we make it easy to do but enable restrictions so that people don't just set up shop and start forwarding their mail?

LibCal makes the process of setting up the rooms/spaces and creating rules... painless.


  • Create Groups - Study Rooms, Quiet Rooms, Computer Labs, Auditoriums, Classrooms, etc.
  • Restrictions - Create rules around booking multiple time slots, consecutive bookings, how often a user can book a room in a day / week / month, etc.
  • Mediation - Route some rooms through a librarian-approved mediation process while others remain un-mediated.
  • Details - Use customize booking forms, upload a room picture, and organize rooms by capacity.
  • Charge for Reservations - Define an hourly rate and LibCal calculates the total payment required to complete the reservation.
  • Stats - Get detailed stats and see how your spaces/rooms are being used, when, and by whom.

The Public-Booking Webpage is Beautiful and Straightforward

Students can book a library space on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It's even possible to integrate with Digital Signage inside your library.