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LibCal Beyond the Library

Enterprise deployment for IT-Departments, Computer Labs, & More!

Host Online & Face-to-Face Programs & Events

Event Calendar Ideas:

  • Campus-Wide Events - Author readings, lectures, virtual Zoom parties, etc.
  • Internal Use - Departmental meetings, HR-events, etc.
  • Professional Development - Conferences, retreats, workshops, etc.

Event Calendar Features

  • Host virtual events - Integrate Zoom, Facebook Live, or Microsoft Teams to automatically create and send meeting URLs to attendees. Not using Zoom or Teams? Add a link and optional hidden password as the event location.
  • Event Registration - Specify the number of seats and when you want registration to open and close.
  • Route Through Authentication - Route registration through your local authentication layer.
  • Enable Waitlist - Popular events? Enable a waitlist. As folks cancel, the waitlisted students receive an email.
  • Automated Reminder & Follow-Up Emails - Automatically send reminders and follow-up emails. 
  • Identify Audience and Category - Add audience tags like Graduate Students and Freshmen. Add Categories like Orientation and Student Events.
  • Social Media Integration - Tweet / Facebook to amplify outreach.
  • Charge for Events - Optionally charge for events! Multiple currencies are accepted and payments can be done online or in-person (cash/check).