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LibCal Beyond the Library

Enterprise deployment for IT-Departments, Computer Labs, & More!

Charge $ Services: Accept Online & In-Person Payments

Do you charge for events, room / space reservations, and/or equipment reservations?

LibCal has integrated payments built right into the system, collect payment online via credit card or in-person.

LibCal's Billing feature is natively built into LibCal versus pushing your users out to some other external site when it's time to pay.

Key Features

  • Currently Available - Integrated online payments is available in Calendar Events and Space/Seats & Equipment Bookings.
  • Multiple Currencies Accepted - From USD to the Canadian Dollar and Euro, we have five currencies supported and more coming.
  • Audit Log of Payment Activity - View a log of all completed payments (online or in-person) including refunds and cancelations.
  • Payment Processors - Integrate your, Paypal Braintree, or Stripe account with LibCal so your users can securely pay online.
  • Cancelations are Auto-Refunded - If the user cancels a prepaid booking, they're automatically refunded the booking cost.
  • Accept In-Person/Cash Payments - Navigate to your event/space/seat/equipment reservation and record in-person/cash payments. 
  • HTTPS Required - LibCal requires HTTPS when transmitting all information, including When transmitting credit card information.