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Popular Equipment Booking Features

The Eyes Have It

You can quickly create a Visual Equipment Catalog. They're easy to digest and, with the tile layout, it can't help but look organized. Boost your usage by designing an attractive menu with a familiar shopping feel and create a digital storefront. If you have many tablets, you can create a Master Record. Put the description in once and simply note how many you have available. 

Rules Are Rules

Of course, you have them! LibCal Equipment Booking can accommodate them.

  • Decide who can borrow certain cameras.
  • Padding between bookings.
  • Loan duration can be hourly or daily.
  • How far in advance someone can book an item.

Equipment Booking Rules:

  • Duration limit, frequency limit, window limit, etc.
  • Make sure fairness is in play and that patrons don't monopolize your items.
  • If only you want certain groups ( Grad students only, Faculty only, etc.) to have access to certain items, we have LibAuth for authentication.

It's All in the Details

Keep all the important information about your equipment -- all in the same place. So when the tech hits the fan, you won't have to go digging around for it.

In LibCal Equipment Booking, enter a detailed description of the item. On the back end, store:

  • Serial number;
  • Cost of the item;
  • Cost to replace it;
  • Service history;
  • Note whether it's still under warranty;
  • Upload the user's manual or the link to it
  • ... and more.

Check in. Check out. Check you later.

You prepare the stuff that is going out next. Folks bring the items they borrowed back to you. You check it in and make sure everything has been returned properly. This is the daily grind.


LibCal makes it all effortless.

  • See which items are available and which are out.
  • Check-out tab shows what you need to prep.
  • Procedure notes that remind you to pack 2 batteries with that video camera.
  • Swap feature if something goes awry with the requested equipment.
  • Check-in tab to return items and make them available in your catalog.
  • Overdue tab to see which items are overdue.
  • Robust API to integrate equipment booking with the patron database in your ILS for fines management.