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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

Give Your Patrons the Time of Day

Centralize management of library hours

Hours: Probably the Next Thing Your Patrons Need to Know

  • Critical Info - ​After library location, your hours are likely the next question your students, patrons, and staff will ask.
  • Manage Multiple Locations - Add hours of every desk/office/department and update/edit from one place. 
  • Widgets - Share your hours on any webpage your patron's visit. 
  • Auto Updates - Closing early due to weather? Edit and watch it update on all your embedded widgets.
  • Connect to Calendars / Spaces / Equipment - Feeds into Spaces and Equipment Booking so managing hours for everything is easy. Link your library or department hours to a calendar so an event won't land outside your opening hours unless you want it to!