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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

Manage Building Hours In One Place... And Update Everywhere

Centralize the management of your building hours with department level granularity. Use widgets and integrations to push updated hours to all your digital touchpoints.

Hours Management Made Easy


Hours Management Features

Features and tools that make it easy to create, maintain, and communicate building and service point hours.

Add hours for multiple buildings & service points

Reusable templates for applying the hours to various locations

Exceptions capability, to apply special hours during holidays, etc.

Update hours and watch it get pushed everywhere

Distributing Your Hours Information To All Your Touchpoints

Embeddable Widgets

As Easy as Copy-&-Paste

  • Embed Hours widgets on your websites to share building & service point hours.
  • Choose from 'Today’s' Hours, Daily Hours, Weekly Grid View, Monthly Calendar View, and more! Patrons can view hours for today or jump ahead.


For Advanced Programming

  • Weekly Data in XML & JSON-LD Data feeds available.
  • JSON-LD available using vocabulary. Search engines (e.g. Google & Bing) use this data to display building hours in Google Search results.

Integration Features

The Hours module has integration with Google Maps, Ex Libris Alma, LibStaffer, and more!

Add Google Maps integration to include building locations so patrons can view where the building is located when checking opening hours

Ex Libris Alma integration syncs your Alma hours with LibCal hours so you only have one place to manage building hours

Integrates with all other LibCal components including Spaces & Equipment so patrons aren't making reservations past opening hours

Connect a LibStaffer schedule to LibCal's hours so you're not scheduling staff past your opening hours