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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

Host Online Programs, Events & Appointments with LibCal

Making "meeting them where they are" easier than ever

There may no longer be rooms to arrange or sign up sheets to print, but online appointments and events still have their own unique setup requirements... and headaches. LibCal streamlines this process - and makes communicating with students and patrons a breeze - so librarians and staff only have to focus on their day-of checklist.

  • Integrate Zoom or Microsoft Teams to seamlessly generate unique meeting URLs for events and one-on-one appointments. More integrations are in the works. :D
  • No Zoom bombing here! Meeting and event URLs and passwords are only visible to those who sign up.
  • Create confirmation and reminder email templates so librarians and staff can automatically share access details and software troubleshooting links with attendees.
  • Launch online meetings and events from the confirmation email, personal calendar event, or LibCal - no wasted time hunting down the URL!
  • Manage one central site for meetings and events, making it easy for staff to remotely answer questions and see what's 'happening' at the library.

LibCal Events makes online programs & events management a breeze

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Instagram Live, YouTube, Google Meet… the list of platform options goes on and on. If you're hosting small group workshops on Zoom, streaming meditation and yoga sessions on your YouTube channel, and doing outreach with Facebook Live, your opportunities for visibility and engagement are limited to each platform's followers. With the Events Calendar module, everything can display in one place!

  • Increase awareness of all of your online programs and events with a shareable, embeddable calendar. Hosting programs on Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube? It doesn't matter! You can add them to LibCal.
  • Customize event link availability. If an event is pubic, show the URL! If it's private or has a maximum user limit, enable registration and optionally add a password to hide the URL and ensure only registrants can join.
  • Attach downloadable pre-workshop PDFs and other documents to the event. Users will see it on the event page, and you'll find it in the event details! No need to dig through past emails to find and re-send them.
  • Get the word out about a new online event using social media integration and email announcements.

One-on-Ones can happen anywhere with LibCal Appointments

No more double bookings or scheduling mixups. No more back and forths to set up, reschedule, or cancel meetings. With the Appointments module, librarians, faculty, and staff can manage their own tech help session, research consultation, or any other one-on-one meeting availability and bookings.

  • Organize appointments into types and locations, which creates filterable options, unique URLs, and customizable availability, so if staff split their days between certain departments, they won't get booked on a wrong day!
  • With Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration, LibCal will automatically generate and send a unique meeting URL with each booking -- visible only to staff and the student or patron. More integrations coming!
  • Prevent double bookings with Outlook/Exchange calendar and LibStaffer shift syncing. Push appointments to personal calendars automatically with iCal feeds.