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LibCal for Public Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

The Well-Appointed Appointments Scheduler

It's nice to meet you -- Make it easy for patrons to do just that

One-on-One is One and Done:

Appointments in LibCal is all you need to easily set up your one-on-one schedule of availability. Patrons can book a consultation with your team, even via favorite devices because it's all mobile-first.

Patrons Can:

  • Book a specific librarian by name or by subject, or the next available time slot.
  • Book directly from your LibCal system or via an Appointments widget that you embed on your Library website.

You Can:

  • New! Create Online-Only Meetings - Integrate Zoom to seamlessly generate unique meeting URLs with each booking -- visible only to you and the patron. More integrations coming!
  • Customize Visibility and Availability - Organize staff based on branch or appointment type. Set availability for different branches on different days.
  • Personalize Booking Forms - Ask who they are, what you're meeting about, and more.
  • Support Different Meeting Durations - Set up padding between meetings, create Appointment Categories with different durations. (Research - 1hr vs. Tech help - 20 min)
  • Two-Way Sync - Feed appointments to LibStaffer, Google Calendar, Outlook.
  • Restrict Booking Window - Determine how far in advance they can book.
  • Get Data - Access detailed statistics and reports.