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LibCal for Public Libraries: Your Calendaring Solution

Accept Online & In-Person Payments

Do you charge for events, room / space reservations, and/or equipment bookings?

LibCal has integrated payments built right into the system, collect payment online via credit card or in-person.

Key Features

  • Currently Available - Integrated online payments is available in Calendar Events and Space & Equipment Bookings.
  • Multiple Currencies Accepted - From USD to the Canadian Dollar and Euro, we have five currencies supported and more coming.
  • Audit Log of Payment Activity - View a log of all completed payments (online or in-person) including refunds and cancelations.
  • Stripe/Braintree/Paypal - Integrate your Stripe and Braintree/Paypal accounts with LibCal and patrons can pay in a variety of ways.
  • Cancelations are Auto-Refunded - If the patron cancels a prepaid booking, they're automatically refunded the booking cost.
  • Accept In-Person/Cash Payments - Navigate to your event/space reservation and record in-person/cash payments. 
  • HTTPS Required - When transmitting credit card information online, it's imperative to use 'secure' protocols such as HTTPS. To that end, you'll be required to load your LibCal system through an HTTPS connection if you enable the billing functionality.

Your Patron's Experience with LibCal's Online Payments

Allowing your students, faculty, and community to pay right at the moment of registering for the event or booking the room is next-level service that also helps your staff. 

Springshare understands that it's important that your end users feel comfortable with the whole process. This is why LibCal's Billing feature is a payment system natively built into LibCal -- versus pushing your patrons out to some other external site when it's time to pay.

patron view of reservation confirmation with payment button