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Sharing Is A Key Outreach Strategy - We've Made It Easy

Syndicate to your heart's content and build excitement

You have excellent programming. If you share it, they will come.

The best way to boost attendance at your events, classes, programs, etc. is to make sure people know what's on the schedule. LibCal has 7 different calendar widgets, including Full Calendar, Today's Events, Events in the Next 2 Weeks, and more.

Specify the Calendar and even filter by Branch and Category (like Author reading, Book Club, Workshops, etc.). Widgets ensure your patrons will always be in the know.

Make it Easy to Schedule an Appointment.

Appointments allows your library team to set up their availability for patrons to book one-on-one consultations. Widgets make it so you can reach people even if they're not on your LibCal system pages.

Create a widget and drop it in any webpage encouraging patrons to take advantage of your professional expertise.  


Spaces Booking Widget Leaves You Room to Breathe.

Reducing friction is essential when you're trying to keep the attention of your public.

Put booking a room or space right at the point of need with a widget on your Library website, on your maker space page, in your LibGuides system, and other online resources.

The Hours Module Saves You Time.

Very often, when a patron reaches out to you, it's to ask, "What are your hours today?" The hours widgets take care of those queries.

Widgets Options:

  • Today's Hours
  • Daily Hours
  • Weekly Grid View
  • Monthly Calendar View
  • Combined Weekly/Monthly View