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Make Your Content Stand Out

Only LibGuides has integrated content creation and asset types designed with libraries in mind. 


Power up with LibGuides CMS! Look for LibGuides CMS Only to discover enhanced features.

Robust Asset Types

An asset is a piece of content that you add to the boxes on your LibGuides pages. But what makes our LibGuides assets special? They’re tailored to the unique needs of libraries! 

Image Management

We include a fully-featured image management tool with your LibGuides system, so uploading images into LibGuides is a snap! 

Assets Designed for Libraries

Here are all the types of assets we’ve built – just for you:  

  • Links: Easily create a list of links by adding Link assets to your guide.   
  • Documents/Files: Upload files in formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.   
  • Media/Widgets: Embed HTML code for things like YouTube videos, LibCal hours widgets, or LibAnswers chat widgets.   
  • RSS Feeds: Display recent posts from an RSS feed directly in your guide.   
  • Books from the Catalog: Effortlessly create book lists! Provide an ISBN and LibGuides will fetch the book’s bibliographic info and cover art. 
  • Polls: Display a simple poll allowing users to vote on a single multiple-choice question.   
  • LibAnswers Widgets: If your library subscribes to LibAnswers, embed FAQs or question forms with the LibAnswers Widget asset.   
  • LibWizard Items: If your library subscribes to LibWizard, embed any of your forms, surveys, or quizzes into a guide. 

All About Assets

  • Integrated reusability means you can create content once in LibGuides and reuse it again and again throughout your site! 
  • View reports outlining all locations where each asset is used on your site. 
  • Easily export your assets via Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV.  
  • All reusable assets are stored in the assets library in your LibGuides system. From here, you can centrally manage your assets, as well as create new ones. Tip: Because assets live in the LibGuides assets library, they are saved – and can be reused – even if their original guide, page, or box is deleted. 
  • Need to communicate more complex information about your assets? Create a set of custom Resource Icons, which include a small thumbnail image, description, and a URL. Assign a resource icon (e.g., Staff Picks or Open Access) to an Asset or A-Z database to quickly link users to additional info! 
  • Analyze which assets are most highly used by viewing the total number of clicks over time on your Link, Document/File, and Book from the Catalog assets.   
LibGuides CMS Only

Expanded Features!

Upload More Data 

  • Upload files up to 20MB in size (vs. 10MB in LibGuides) 

Password Protection

  • Choose to require a password to download a Document/File asset.

Enhanced Bibliographic Data 

  • All LibGuides clients can retrieve book title, author, and cover art – just enter an ISBN! 
  • LibGuides CMS clients can grab even more data, automagically:  
    • Full Book Descriptions  
    • Bestseller Lists  
    • Subject Categories  
    • Publisher Information  
    • Media Mentions 

Your Assets Are...


Save time and energy by reusing your content across your pages and guides


Edit an asset once in the assets library to update it everywhere it’s mapped


Same-type assets automatically form an asset group so you can move the entire group at once 


Sort asset groups by title and other fields, e.g., sort books by author or call number 

Get to Know the Image Manager

  • Create a shared image library – all users of your guides will have access to the same images, perfect for creating consistency across your site. 
  • Images are fully responsive and accessible right out of the gate. 
  • We’ve included folder management in your image manager so organizing both your personal and shared images is easy peasy lemon squeezy.