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LibGuides for Libraries

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Overwhelmed by seemingly infinite possibilities? Search for LibGuides content and librarian authors, and find great examples of guides from our worldwide user community: 

LibGuides Community

A Guide for Every Occasion 

Each LibGuides system is built from modular, customizable blocks, all designed with libraries in mind.


Dig in and start building


Power up with LibGuides CMS! Look for LibGuides CMS Only to discover enhanced features.

Pages and Boxes and Content Items, Oh My!

Let’s start with the basics:

  • A guide is a webpage where you add and share content.
  • Each guide can be organized into pages.
  • Each page contains boxes.
  • And each box holds your content items, like text, links, images, and databases.

Types of Pages

  • Regular page: The most frequently used page type, regular pages allow you to add boxes of content to your guide.
  • Blog page: Write blog posts tailored to this specific guide. Learn about Blogs.
  • Discussion Board page:  LibGuides CMS Only Discuss a particular subject, topic, or even a course or assignment.
  • E-Reserves Course page (E-Reserves Module only): Show a specific e-reserve course and its items.

Types of Boxes

  • Standard Box: Display content items directly on your page. 
  • Tabbed Box: Divide your content across multiple tabs, like stacking multiple standard boxes together.  
  • Gallery Box: Create slides of images, books, databases, or LibCal events. Customize your gallery box to display multiple slides at once and even scroll automatically. 
  • Profile Box: Display the profile box for any user in your LibGuides system.

Types of Content Items

  • Rich Text / HTML: Add formatted text, images, tables, lists, and more.  
  • Assets: Embed databases, widgets, books, files, and other reusable content items. Read more about Assets
  • Guide List: Display guides from your system, by subject, user, or a custom-selected list. 
  • Google Search: Embed a search box into your guide and customize it to search Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, or Google Patents.


LibGuides is bootstrapped for responsive mobile-first design so it renders beautifully on any device

We've made it easy to copy guides and boxes, perfect for saving time and creating consistency

Or, instead of copying, reuse a box by mapping it — any edits to the original box will automatically update any mapped boxes

When you're ready to share your guide, you can choose Published (visible to the public) or Private (visible only to users with the URL) 

Additional Useful Features

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor reflects the guide you’re building, as you’re building it. 
  • Choose from two guide-level layouts, either top tab navigation or side navigation, for user-centered navigation.
  • Add Previous/Next links to help guide readers between pages of your guide.
  • Create guides for all kinds of topics – subject resources, book lists, classroom instruction, local history collections, upcoming events, and so much more.
  • Hone the look & feel of individual guides using guide-level CSS and JavaScript. LibGuides CMS Only