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LibGuides for Libraries

Deliver Tailored Resources at Scale

With our LTI integration, you can map your LibGuides content to courses at your institution, so students automatically see the targeted course content you create in LibGuides right alongside their other LMS content, automatically!


Power up with LibGuides CMS! LTI integration is a LibGuides CMS Only feature.

Why LTI?

LTI = Learning Tools Interoperability

Use our LTI tool to deliver a customized library landing page displaying subject-specific LibGuides, databases, and expert librarians right inside your Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, or any LTI-compliant LMS platform

Subject-Specific Guides & Databases

The system matches relevant metadata and displays guides and A-Z databases related to the subject and course the student is accessing.

Subject Expert Librarians

Promote the expertise and knowledge of your subject librarians. The LTI tool displays the profiles of relevant subject librarians right inside courseware pages.

Point of Need Reference Help

Automatically embed LibChat and LibAnswers widgets inside courseware, so students can get help from librarians at the point of need, whenever they need it.

Study Rooms & Consultation Bookings

Embed LibCal booking widgets inside the LTI module and students can book study rooms or research consultations with their subject librarian – all from within the courseware system.

Level Up: Add the E-Reserves module and embed relevant course-specific content in the LMS, too!