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Data-Driven System Management

Our built-in tools help you check system usage, stay on top of maintenance, and produce detailed reports. Explore our Statistics resources, where you can find everything from an analysis of page views to a breakdown of content types. Plus, we've made it easy to manage your LibGuides content using the Data Export, Link Checker, and Search & Replace tools.


Equipping you to assess, analyze, and take action


Power up with LibGuides CMS! Look for LibGuides CMS Only to discover enhanced features.

Powerful Statistics Capabilities

Our in-depth Statistics let you track when people are visiting, which are your most viewed guides, which assets are popular, how many times users have clicked on your A-Z resources, and more. Easily run reports, sort results, download or print charts, and export records. 

View real-time usage stats for:

  • Homepage
  • A-Z Databases Page
  • Guides
  • Assets
  • Content Summary

And, these add-on modules come with detailed reports:

  • E-Reserves 
  • mSite Builder 
LibGuides CMS Only

Enhanced Statistics

Gain deeper insights into how your system is being used with these enhanced statistical reports: 

  • Session-Based Reporting: See how many unique browser sessions have occurred over a specific period.  
  • Browser/OS/Mobile Breakdown: Discover which browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes are used most when viewing your site.  
  • Search Statistics: Track the searches entered in the LibGuides CMS search box, see which pages your users were on, and tally how many times the same phrase was searched. 
  • Referrer URL: How are users finding your guides? A link on your website? A Google search? Learn where they’re coming from with referring URL stats to better understand how users are finding your guide content. 

Data Exports

Use the Data Exports tool to create an HTML backup or export your site data for use in external sites. 

Link Checker

No more tracking down old links! The integrated Link Checker ensures your site links stay fresh and up to date

Search & Replace

Your LibGuides admins can search and/or replace text to easily update content throughout your site.