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Distribute Your LibGuides Content with Widgets and API

We offer fully integrated widgets and API, so it’s easy to embed your LibGuides content across your guides or in an external website!


Dynamically shared content in minutes


Power up with LibGuides CMS! Look for LibGuides CMS Only to discover enhanced features.

Intro to Widgets

Want to share a menu of databases outside of LibGuides? Integrate a guides search box into your library website? Create a list of LibGuides user accounts? You can – and you don’t need advanced programming skills or HTML expertise!  

Learn How Widgets Work

LibGuides CMS Only

Intro to API

Your users are interacting with discovery layers, search boxes, portal sites, learning management systems, and more. Help people access the information they need by integrating your LibGuides content on any website using our real-time RESTful API, brought to you by LibGuides CMS. 

Explore Your API Options

Pick Your Widget Type

Decide what type of content you want to display — the list below has some of your options!

Choose Your Settings

Displaying a list of subjects? Show a bulleted list or a drop-down menu. Embedding a selection of databases? Order them alphabetically or show "Best Bets" first.

Embed & Enjoy

Copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML of your webpage. Bonus: We show you an interactive preview so you can see how your widget will appear!

So Many Content Options...

  • Blogs 
  • Databases 
  • Groups LibGuides CMS Only
  • Guides  
  • Search Boxes 
  • Subjects 
  • Tags 

... and more!

With a Custom Look & Feel

A bulleted list of history databases
A bulleted list of history databases in a gray box
A drop-down menu of history databases
LibGuides CMS Only

Get to Know the API

API = Application Programming Interface 

  • The API offers more flexibility than widgets and is intended for users with more extensive technical knowledge and coding skills.  

  • Programmatic access to any and all content stored in your LibGuides system enables limitless possibilities in leveraging and reusing your LibGuides data for maximum exposure. 

  • APIs include secure protocol (https) for integrating content in secure web environments like learning management systems and portal sites. 

With the API, You Can...

Create a Staff Directory

Pull individual elements from profile boxes, such as title, picture, and email address, and build a staff directory on any webpage without having to manually embed each profile box widget.  

Show Guides by Last Updated

Filter by when your guides were last updated, then showcase these guides on your library website as a *Recently Updated* list that updates itself dynamically, in real time

Display Refined Asset Lists

Retrieve assets based on your specific parameters. Want to show a list of Link assets with the subject Biology? You can! Want to feature all Book assets tagged with Art? No problem!