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LibGuides for Libraries

Your System, Your Rules, Our Library-Focused Features 

Because LibGuides is built by librarians for librarians, we understand your library's unique needs!


Power up with LibGuides CMS! Look for LibGuides CMS Only to discover enhanced features.


Not-So-Basic Building Blocks

LibGuides showcases the vital what, why, and who of your institution.


Build an unlimited number of guides – the sky’s the limit 

Library-specific reusable assets to easily share books, databases, and other media  

Blogging functionality to keep your patrons informed and up to date  

Add a personal touch with profile boxes that highlight your librarians’ expertise 

Custom Look & Feel

Design your LibGuides site to work for your institution.


Easily apply system-wide design settings to match your institutional branding 

Set the base language, including English, Spanish, Swedish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and more 

Add your own HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to fit the look and feel of your institution 

Allow users to customize their individual guides or set an approved style for your system

Keep It All Under Control 

Ensure secure access and smooth workflows for your team. 


Create alert messages to notify your users of important updates

Configure the Publishing Workflow so content is reviewed prior to publication

LibGuides CMS Only

Restrict access to your site, groups, or guides by IP or authentication layer 

LibGuides CMS Only

Require a password to view specific groups or guides 

LibGuides CMS Only

LibGuides CMS Only

Grow With Groups

LibGuides CMS clients get an additional layer to their LibGuides systems – Groups! Improve site organization, reach different locations or audiences, showcase exhibits and departments, build a staff intranet, streamline site setup and maintenance, and create targeted customizations.

Each group has its own settings for:  

  • Look & Feel: Create custom tab colors and shape, box colors and shape, and more. 
  • Banner & Footer: Display a unique top banner and footer for each of your Groups. 
  • Homepage: Each group has its own customizable homepage and friendly URL. 
  • Language Customizations: Set a base language for each Group and customize the default labels – perfect for creating subsets of guides in different languages.  
  • Custom JS/CSS Code: Focus your CSS at the group level to uniquely customize a set of guides. 
  • Templates: Customize templates for the guides that live in each of your Groups. If desired, you can enforce group-level templates so that all guides assigned to that group will have a consistent layout & display. 
  • User Permissions: Granular permissions allow you to define who has access to specific groups, and at what user level, within your system. 

Additional Useful Features

Built-in management tools to set your users up for success.  

  • You can set up an unlimited number of user accounts.
  • Each account level comes with different default permissions, so you can pick the right access level for each of your users.
  • Define granular account permissions to give specific users extra management capabilities.  LibGuides CMS Only
  • Allow users to sign into LibApps through your SSO (single sign-on) system. 

In addition to the individual guides created by you and your team, you can apply customizable templates to:   

  • Your System Homepage: Navigate to all of the other pieces in your LibGuides system.  
  • Your Group Homepages: Each group within your LibGuides site comes with its own landing page. LibGuides CMS Only
  • Subject Pages: All subject-related resources are automatically grouped together, with landing pages for each Subject and its related guides, databases, and subject experts all together in one complete view. 
  • Profile Pages: Each user in your system gets a fully customizable librarian profile box to display their image, title, pronouns, contact info, and much more, plus a profile landing page that also links to their published guides and subject specialties.   
  • Your Search Page and Search Results Pages: Powerful integrated search capabilities so your visitors can search and filter your guides, databases, and blog posts to locate what they need with ease.   
  • The A-Z Database List: Connect patrons to your library’s online resources and databases. 

Our page templates make it a breeze to choose which elements to display and where to display them within your LibGuides system. 

  • For your Guide pages, LibGuides clients can create one custom template for each navigation style: tabbed navigation layout and side navigation layout.
  • Upgrade to LibGuides CMS:  LibGuides CMS Only
    • Build an unlimited number of guide-style templates. The possibilities are endless! 
    • Apply various levels of layout controls throughout the system, depending on the specific needs of local administrators.  
    • For example, create multiple template options and give your guide authors the freedom to choose their own template for the content they’re working on.  
    • Alternatively, system admins can create templates for easy reuse by group-level administrators. You have the flexibility to set templates system-wide or at the group level.  
  • Your LibGuides admins can customize the layout of your system-generated pages. For example, embed video tutorials on your A-Z Database List page, add helpful tips to your Search page, or mix up the layout of your Profile landing pages. 
  • Use subjects and tags to help users connect with the right guides and subject experts. 
  • Assign Friendly URLs to the different guides, pages, and subpages of your site. 
  • Add custom metadata – great for pulling content into courseware systems through the LTI tool!