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Exploring LibGuides for your School Library


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does! Your IT team will never have to answer questions about LibGuides. We have free webinar-based training, a dedicated support team, and detailed documentation!

Yes! We have a training calendar that you can access from the HELP tab in your LibGuides system. You can also watch recordings of all of our live sessions.

The LibGuides Community Site lists thousands of libraries using LibGuides. Filter by library type and location.

Yes! We backup LibGuides to multiple/redundant servers nightly. In addition, you can backup your entire system (XML Export) or create local/HTML backups of individual LibGuides.

We do! LibGuides is fully hosted so you don't have to worry.

Yes you can! You can upload files directly into your LibGuide. 10MB for LibGuides and 20MB for LibGuides CMS.

LibGuides CMS is the platinum-package of LibGuides. It can do everything that LibGuides can do, plus a whole lot more. Compare features between LibGuides & LibGuides CMS.