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Power Your Website with LibGuides CMS: Academic Library Examples

Simplified Design Without a Lot of Coding Requirements

Galveston College

Using a LibGuide as their homepage and a gallery box type, this library is able to have fresh content that is both visually appealing and easy to maintain and update.

Galveston College Library Website

Tidewater Community College

Clarkson University

"LibGuides CMS allows for us to have the entire library staff edit the site without having to learn html. Since it was designed especially for libraries, most of our major needs in a CMS are already implemented.

Having centralized assets (i.e graphics, widgets) allow us to maintain consistency throughout the site. This is especially true for our subscription databases."

Clarkson University Libraries Website

Clarkson University Libraries Homepage

Edgewood College

"We’re using LibGuides CMS for our main website, because it gives us much more flexibility and control over our web presence, compared to our college’s content management system. The fact that it was designed specifically for libraries, makes it even more useful than a regular web CMS (including things like database asset system, books from the catalog, etc.)."

Edgewood College Library Website

Edgewood College Library Homepage

California University of Pennsylvania

"I have found LibGuides CMS to be a versatile tool. I can honestly say that I enjoy spending time tinkering and editing our site. Working out a display issue and designing appropriate code to resolve it is a fun afternoon to me! LibGuides CMS lets you be a WYSIWYG editor if you want to be, or as advanced of an editor as you need to be." - Loring Prest

California Univ. of PA Library Website

California University of Pennsylvania Library Homepage

Trevecca Nazarene University

"We did a complete system migration (away from local servers) and needed a cloud-hosted solution for our website. This was an opportunity to bring consistency to our web presence. We used a Discussion Board during our web design phase. It proved helpful in cutting down on emails and the ability to track changes and suggestions. - Annette Harber

Trevecca Nazarene Univ. Library Website

Trevecca Nazarene University

East Tennessee State University

This homepage consists of a 'LibGuide-as-homepage' rather than making use of the default homepage.

Creating a custom bootstrap template and hiding box borders make this a clean and effective website.

ETSU Library Website


University of Phoenix

"We were attracted to the flexibility of the CMS; we choose the system as we could create an entire library ecosystem which powered both a new library interface and an ever growing repository of research guides in the same system." - Karen Grondin

University of Phoenix Library Website

University of Phoenix Library Website

Mary Baldwin University

"We chose to use CMS because we wanted our "guides" to differ visually from our "site" and the CMS groups did that well for us."

- Anaya Jones

MBU Library Website

mary baldwin university

Southern New Hampshire University

"We don’t have a large staff of developers to work on our website but we still need a robust, highly customizable site and LibGuides CMS has met that need for us. "

- Jennifer Harris

SHNU Library Website

SHNU Website

Walden University

"We think LibGuides CMS is the cat's pajamas because it allows us to provide a consistent, unified experience to our patrons across not only Walden Library's website, but across the University. LibGuides is extremely intuitive, our staff love using it, and the framework is accessible, responsive, flexible, and customizable. Plus, support is hands down the best of all our vendors, so it really was a no-brainer to go "all in" with our website."

Walden University Library Website

Walden University Library

"In fact, other academic departments at Walden took notice of what the Library was doing, so we now happily share LibGuides with 14 departments and host over 22 independent sites. The improvements to groups, access, and account permissions in LGv2 have made it possible for us to effectively share content in a single system. We have nearly 4,000 active guides; it's pretty amazing!" - Heather Westerlund

Walden University Departmental Websites

Walden University

Shippensburg University

"We use LibGuides CMS to power our website because the University CMS doesn't allow us the flexibility we need to allow any librarian to create create pedagogically sound course, subject, and topic guides." - Aaron Dobbs

Shippensburg University Library Website

Shippensburg University

Gwinnett Technical College

"When we first discovered LibGuides, way back in 2008, it was THE answer to our challenge of reaching our users. With the power and flexibility to change content as needed LibGuides v1 immediately became our website and LibGuides became our “thing” to pitch and promote our services." - Elissa Checov

Gwinnett Technical College Library Website

Gwinnett Technical College

State College of Florida

"Using Springshare as our main digital presence is a way of not only presenting a user friendly face to our students, but also collecting data on how they are using it." - Rhonda Kitchens

SCF Manatee-Sarasota Library Website

State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

Madison Technical College

"We are using LibGuides CMS as our library website because it gives us a lot of flexibility to easily make changes to our site." - Jennifer Kasch

Madison Technical College Library Website

Madison Technical College

The Gordon

"Using LibGuides CMS for our website, makes it easy to own the content and keep it up to date, as we can now manage the updates ourselves, without relying on other teams within the institute." - Kellie Weigl

Gordon Institute of TAFE Library Website

The Gordon

Georgian College

"The system allows us a ready to use platform that allows for the creation of research guides, but gives us enough flexibility to customize the main library website." - Jen Booth

Georgian College Library Website

Georgian College

Kutztown University

"We were early in developing a mobile site, and our analytics had shown steady growth in its use through the years. The recognition that Springshare's new platform would enable us to look good on any screen, without having to maintain multiple sites, sealed the deal." - Bruce Jensen

Kutztown University Library Website

Kutztown University

Washington & Jefferson College

"For our users, LibGuides CMS is an attractive easy-to-use destination, showcasing the Library’s resources: content guides, databases, discovery service, catalog, and staff. Because LibGuides CMS offers seamless transitions, our website is clear and consistent, making navigation a cinch." - Jeff Brunner

Wash. & Jefferson College Library Website

Washington and Jefferson College

Tidewater Community College

"With control, we are able to keep our content fresh and current. I like the ability for multiple content providers (librarians, library staff, and faculty) to produce and edit our website instead of just one or a few experts doing all the work." - Ruth Shumate

Tidewater Com. College Library Website

Tidewater Community College