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Power Your Library Website with LibGuides CMS


Integrated LibWizard Lite - Collect Data & Gather Feedback

What's LibWizard Lite?

LibWizard Lite let's you build unlimited forms and surveys exclusively available to you, for free, with a LibGuides CMS subscription. Create any number of forms and surveys in a snap, and embed them directly within your library website or share via widgets. Improve your data-driven decision making with LibWizards’ robust data analysis tools.

Effective forms are an integral part of any library website. With LibWizard Lite you can effortlessly create contact forms, book request forms, suggestion forms, etc. – the only limit is your imagination.

Poll, survey, inquire, investigate. Ask Questions and get Answers…with LibWizard Lite.

LibWizard Lite Features:


Many Field Type Options

From text, date and numeric fields to multiple choice and grid fields, it's easy to create forms & surveys for any and all occasions.

Build Fast with Drag & Drop

Building forms & surveys couldn't be easier with Drag & Drop, Preview Window, and in-context options, toggles, and help.

Advanced  Conditional Logic

Streamline your forms & surveys and route users through questions specific to them with conditional logic. If X, display Y.

Customization, Notification, and Rules Features:


Multiple Layout Options

Ensure a strong response rate with robust formatting options. Utilize pagination, section & page headers, line breaks, and more.

Automated Notifications

Control who gets notified of submissions with integrated rules. Use JSON rules to post results directly to a webpage!

Control Visibility & Access

Add date-range limiters, password protection, and even visibility status to control when and who submits responses.

Sharing, Data Gathering, and Reusability Features:


Embeddable Widgets

Share your forms & surveys with customizable widgets and easily add a survey / form item right into your LibGuides with a dedicated asset type.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Data is meaningless without context. Use our robust reporting tools to perform analysis and garner insight. Export options give you control, period.

Reuse/Copy Forms & Surveys!

Reuse your own surveys/forms or a colleague's with 1-click copying.

Don't want to share? Tag it as private for more control.