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Back-End Features That Really Work For You!

It All Starts With Staffer Accounts

LibStaffer is structured around the staffer, learn about all the features you can apply to staffer accounts. 


  • User Level: Regular, schedule admin, or system-wide administrator
  • Staffer Limits: Max per week / month hours
  • Schedule Assignment: Assign user to schedules
  • Real time 2-Way Sync: Available between between Outlook/Exchange, GCal, and LibCal
  • Default View: Choose a default schedule to view
  • Working Hours: Establish staffer's working hours

Create Unlimited Number of Schedules

LibStaffer's flexibility lets you create schedules that work for your library's needs.

Examples Schedules

Desk-Centric Schedules

  • Circulation Desk
  • Reference Desk
  • Welcome/Info Desk
  • Tech Help Desk

Staff-Centric Schedules

  • Managers Schedule
  • Librarians Schedule
  • Student Employees Schedule
  • Voluneer Schedule

Service-Centric Schedules

  • New Student Orientation Schedule
  • Book Reshelving Schedule
  • Late Night Finals Study Schedule
  • Virtual Reference Schedule

Setting-Up Holidays

We can't always be working! LibStaffer makes it easy to get the Holidays in the system and to allow staffers to put in their time off as well.

Takes the Headache Out of Managing Staff Time Off Needs

People leave sticky notes on your desk. John calls needing next Friday off. Jane needs to change her volunteer times because she's taking a class in the Fall.

LibStaffer solves your Time Off juggling troubles! It's easy to enter One-Time, Recurring, and Vacation Request Time-Off into the system.

Enjoy Real Time Sync With Your Other Tools!

It's important to be able to see your work schedule in your other calendars.

  • LibCal Appointments Syncing - Already using LibCal? Enable 2-way sync with your appointment scheduler, so if you're booked for a one-on-one consultation with a patron, LibStaffer shows you as unavailable.
    • Enable LibStaffer sync on the LibCal Appointments side, too. This way you won't show up as available for consultations when you're assigned to work at a desk.
  • Google Calendar User? - See upcoming shifts without logging into LibStaffer, by enabling Google Calendar sync to pull your schedule in.
  • Syncing with Outlook/Exchange - See your shift names and times in your calendar. Setup instructions for Outlook/Exchange are right in the LibStaffer system in account management.