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Auto-Scheduler: Smart Enough To Work On Its Own

Want to save time? We put our tech where our mouth is.

The Auto-Scheduler Provides Unparalleled Efficiency.

The auto-scheduler automagically fills in shifts based on staffer availability, approved time off, schedule conflicts, holidays, and more.


  • Date Range: Fill in shifts for a custom range or, make it easy with presets like Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, Next 14 days or Rest of the Month.
  • Scheduling Limits: Limit Auto-Scheduler to only assign a certain number of shifts to each staff member/student worker per day.
  • Schedule Favorites: You can favorite people for shifts they love or, they can favorite themselves. Once that information is in the system, run the Auto-Scheduler to select favorite staff only.
  • Back-to-Back Shifts: Decide not to schedule back-to-back shifts.
  • Grace Period: Choose an amount of time before a staffer can be scheduled again from the choices in the dropdown.
  • Summary: Once the Auto-Scheduler has finished, view a summary of shifts filled and not filled.

Pro Tip: Auto-Scheduling Strategies

  • No holds barred! Don't have any preference for who works which shifts? Let the Auto Scheduler fill every shift on your schedule.
  • Favorites first: Run Auto Scheduler twice! First, run it for favored staff only. Then run it a second time for everyone else. This helps ensure that your favored staff's maximum hours aren't being eaten up in other shifts.
  • Cherry picking: Are there certain people that you absolutely positively must have working certain shifts? Assign those students and staffers manually first. Then, run the Auto Scheduler to fill in the rest of the open shifts.