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LibStaffer for Libraries

LibStaffer's Flexibility: Expertly Handling Conflicts

A working schedule is a work-in-progress.

Your team can put in their working hours and enter time-off requests and add in their scheduling conflicts, but all the evidence points to the fact that -- things change. Emergencies, illnesses, appointments with their professors that get rescheduled, car trouble, additional work-study conflicts, etc. A good solution accounts for changes in a way that's as painless as possible.

Shift Swapping

Allow staffers to swap shifts, complete with email notifications. Enable mediation, and manually approve/deny swaps on a case-by-case basis.

Giving Up Shifts

Allow staffers to 'Give Up' Shifts to an open pool. An email alert goes out to all staffers on that schedule...including Admins. Staffers are responsible for their shifts until someone picks it up.

Splitting Shifts

Can a student employee only work 3 hours of their 6-hour shift?

Allow them to split shifts and 'give up' the portion of the shift they can't work.

Extra Features

  • Give Staffers *Some* Control - Allow staffers to self-assign or favorite themselves to a shift.
  • Manual Override - When filling the shifts, there will be instances where the person you need to schedule is marked as unavailable because they're already working at a different desk at that time. 
  • Generate Reports -  Admins can generate a report of swaps, given up shifts, and more.