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The New Punch Clock

Clock in and out without the old-school time cards.

Functionality that's Been a Long Time Coming.

  • Optional Time Clock - Enable the Time Clock feature and set an amount of time within which student employees and staff must clock in for their scheduled shifts.
  • Clock In/Out Stations - Enter IP address ranges to limit staff to clocking in / out from a specified IP-range of computers.
  • Clocking In / Out - Staff can easily clock in / out by signing-in to the LibStaffer system.
  • Restrictions - Add customizable time restrictions so staff can't clock in or out early.
  • Dashboard - View the current in/out status of every user.

Features Geared Toward Managers.

You are already responsible for the hiring of a team of workers, creating the schedule for everyone and filling the shifts. Why make the day to day operations any more tasking than necessary?;

  • Who's Working? - Admins! From your homepage, view "Currently Clocked In" staffers.
  • Admin Clock In/Out - Sometimes a member of your team forgets to clock in or out. No problem, you can do it on their behalf and write a note! 
  • Reports - Run a full clock in/out report to see the literal comings and goings in the library.