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Workflow Forms Expands Your LibStaffer Capabilities

How do you improve forms? Design them to inform!

LibStaffer Introduces Workflow Forms

So what makes Workflow Forms different than a regular form? They're forms with features. Create customized online forms that facilitate the entire life cycle of the process you outline. Example use-cases:

  • Job/Student Worker/ Volunteer Applications
  • Equipment Requests
  • Professional Development
  • Consent Forms
  • Onboarding Forms
  • Staff Suggestions

Highlighted Features

  • Allow File Updates - Submissions can include file uploads like resumes, cover letter, etc. 
  • Route Form Submission - Create field submission triggers! If field selection includes 'AV Department', that will create an email trigger to
  • Create Stages - Route the form through your internal workflow stages. Staff Review, Interview Conducted, Hired, Denied - these stages can have notifications set up for them, too! So as the candidate gets moved through the process, Workflow Forms notifies the appropriate team member.
  • Leave notes - Staff who 'touch' the form submission can leave notes for the rest of the participants involved. This way, the entire process is transparent and visible for auditing.