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LibStaffer Workflow Forms
Forms that Inform

Create customized intake forms for everything from incident reporting to job applications. Set up fully customized workflows for each form, including customized notifications at each stage of the workflow, required reviewers at various stages, and customizable statuses to indicate progress.

Types of Forms You Can Create

So what makes Workflow Forms different than a regular form? They're forms with features. Create customized online forms that facilitate the entire life cycle of the process you outline.

  • Job/Student Worker/Volunteer Applications
  • Incident Reporting
  • Professional Development Requests
  • Consent Forms
  • Onboarding Forms
  • Equipment Requests

Highlighted Features

  • Allow File Uploads - Submissions can include file uploads like resumes, cover letter, etc.
  • Route Form Submission - Create field submission triggers! If field selection includes 'AV Department', that will create an email trigger to
  • Create Stages with Notifications - Route the form through your internal workflow stages. Staff Review, Interview Conducted, Hired, Denied - these stages can have notifications set up for them, too! As the submission moves through the process, Workflow Forms notifies the appropriate team member.
  • Leave Notes - Staff who 'touch' the form submission can leave notes for the rest of the participants involved. This way, the entire process is transparent and visible for auditing.
  • Explore Submissions - One-stop place to view all Workflow Form submissions and search and sort on specific stages and date-ranges.
  • Share Far & Wide - Share Workflow Forms on your library recruiting webpage, or embed a link to your incident reporting form on the staff intranet, professional development request form on your HR site... Workflow Forms are useful far and wide!