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The New Punch Clock

Clock in and out without the old-school time cards.

Functionality that's Been a Long Time Coming.

  • Optional Time Clock - Enable the Time Clock feature and set an amount of time within which staff must clock in for their scheduled shift.
  • Clock In/Out Stations - Enter IP address ranges to limit staff to clocking in / out from a specified IP-range of computers.
  • Clocking In / Out - Staff can easily clock in / out by signing-in to the LibStaffer system.
  • Restrictions - Add customizable time restrictions so staff can't clock in or out early.
  • Dashboard - View the current in/out status of every user.

Features Geared Toward Managers.

You are already responsible for creating the schedule and filling the shifts. Why make the day to day operations any more tasking than necessary?;

  • Who's Working? - Admins! From your homepage, view "Currently Clocked In" staffers.
  • Admin Clock In/Out - Sometimes a member of your team forgets to clock in or out. No problem, you can do it on their behalf and write a note! 
  • Reports - Run a full clock in/out report to see the literal comings and goings in the library.