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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

Quiz Wizard: Supplement Instruction Efforts

What Can You Create?

User Quizzes

  • Pre / Post Instruction Quizzes
  • Library Engagement Quiz
  • Boolean Search Logic
  • Plagiarism Quiz
  • Library Trivia
  • Information Literacy Skills
  • Research Skills Quiz

Staff Reinforcement Quizzes

  • Ready Reference Quiz
  • Library Policies Quiz
  • Call Number Shelving Test
  • On-boarding Quiz
  • Library Services Quiz
  • On the Job Reinforcement Training
  • Hiring Quiz

Quiz Wizard Features

Everything from Forms


Everything from Surveys


Quiz Wizard Features

  • Automated Grading - Designate the correct answer for each question and the system will automatically grade each new entry. We’ll even email you the results!
  • Self Grading for Instant Feedback – Display quiz results when a user finishes a quiz, so they know at a glance how they did.
  • Require correct answer – Force quiz-takers to answer questions correctly, and add custom help text  'clues' when wrong answers are entered to help folks get to the right solution.
  • Timers and Page Controls – Set a time limit requirement for finishing the quiz, and control access to the back button.
  • Advanced Reporting – Highlight correct and incorrect answers, customize the columns that display, filter the results, and drill down to individual quiz submissions.
libwizard quiz reporting