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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

Create and Manage Forms  

Streamline workflows and route all internal and external feedback into one form management area with Form Wizard. Create an unlimited number of forms and gather an unlimited number of responses. 


Ask all the questions you want - get the data you need.


Enhance Internal & External Workflows

Forms are ideal for simple data collection needs, such as:

Library contact forms

Interlibrary loan requests

Purchase recommendations

Student or volunteer applications

You can add several different types of text input and multiple choice fields to a form, as well as a field allowing users to upload a file with their submissions. Unlike surveys, which can have multiple pages and are better suited for more complex data collection, forms are limited to a single page of questions.

What can you create? The possibilities are endless!

  • Instruction / Workshop Requests
  • Friends of the Library Sign-Up
  • Professional Development Requests
  • Library Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Library Card Application
  • Conference Request Form

Form Wizard Features & Functionality

Look and Feel settings allow you to customize the appearance of your form's public page

The File Upload field allows a user to upload and attach a single file to their submission

Customize Email Notifications for new submissions, including email reply-to address, conditional email notifications, and custom emails

Authentication & Visibility settings allow you to restrict access to your form via password or by hiding your form outside of a certain date range

View and analyze Submission Data with reports including data table, field analysis, and cross-tab

Configure Privacy Scrub to designate form fields to be automatically cleared so that you don't retain personally identifiable information longer than you need to

Form Wizard Fields

Add content to your forms with a variety of fields. Fields can be easily added by clicking-and-dragging the desired field type from the Fields tab to your Workpad, then dropping it into position.

Basic fields allow users to enter free text, numbers, or formatted dates & times.

  • One-Line Text Input - ideal for short text responses
  • Textarea Input - multi-line text fields, ideal for questions with long responses
  • Numeric Input - ideal for collecting responses that can only be numbers
  • Date & Time Input - collect individual dates and times

Multiple choice fields allow users to select answers from a choice of options.

  • Dropdown - ideal for multiple-choice questions in which only one answer can be selected
  • Radio - ideal for multiple-choice questions in which only one answer can be selected
  • Checkbox - ideal for multiple-choice questions in which multiple answers can be selected
  • Rating - ideal for attitudinal questions in which only one answer can be selected


Utility fields allow you to add text, line separators, and vertical space between fields. 

  • Text Block - add sections of text to your forms
  • Line Separator - add a line and white space between your fields
  • Spacer - add white space between your fields

Submitter fields are for collecting email address, name, or phone number.

  • Email - record the submitter's email address
  • Name - record the submitter's name
  • Phone - record the submitter's phone number

If This, Show That - Branching & Skip Logic

Field rules allow you to dynamically modify your form based on the user's response to certain questions. With a field rule, you can show a hidden field, hide a visible field, or jump to another field in the form depending on the user's responses.


Real-Time Reporting & Analysis

All four LibWizard components feature advanced statistics and analysis tools enabling you to quickly sort and categorize patron submissions.

Advanced filtering options to slice and dice your submission data.

Filter by date to see all results from a specified time-period.

Download customizable charts and graphs for reports.

Create and save visual charts on your field questions.

Run cross-variable analysis with integrated cross-tab reporting.

Export all data to Excel via CSV format.

Optionally collect user IP, referrer URL, and browser data.


Playtime: Form Wizard

Check out our Live Form Wizard examples for ideas on how Form Wizard can work for you!



Form Wizard is available with both LibWizard Full and LibWizard Lite. Interested in upgrading to LibWizard Full? Contact the Springy Sales Team for more info!