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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

LibWizard Lite is FREE with LibGuides CMS

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LibGuides CMS builds upon the base LibGuides platform to provide you with even more features. Get LibWizard Lite, free, with a LibGuides CMS subscription. 

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Already using LibGuides CMS, and want the full LibWizard package?
Upgrade your LibWizard Lite subscription to the full LibWizard platform.

LibWizard vs. LibWizard Lite

LibWizard Lite: Surveys & Forms

Survey & Form Wizards Only:

  • Unlimited - Unlike other survey tools, we don’t believe in limits. Create 10 or 10,000 surveys and forms. Collect an unlimited amount of responses. Knock down those limiting barriers and get peace of mind to create and collect at will.
  • Build Fast & Easy - With our drag & drop interface, nine different field types (ranging from a text field to a rating scale), and preview functionality – creating a complex survey just got a whole lot simpler.
  • High Submission Rates - formatting tools like line separators, page breaks, section headers, and on-page instructions make a complex survey fast & easy for patrons to fill out.
  • Controls - Control when users see your forms and surveys with visibility ranges.
    Utilize password-controls and status tagging options to determine who has access. 
  • Embedding & Sharing - Share to your heart’s content with direct URLs and embeddable widgets that load over public (http) and secure (https) environments so embedding your survey in a course management system or intranet will be a breeze.
  • LibGuides & LibCal Integration - Using a dedicated asset type means easy asset management and tracking where it's in use.
  • Skip Logic - Setup complex surveys and forms using skip logic / question branching. Hide and reveal specific questions based on answers that a patron provides. If they answer X, then show Y question. 
  • ...and more!

LibWizard Full

Everything from LibWizard Lite plus:

Quiz Wizard:

  • Correct Answer - select the correct answer, for grading, and whether the right answer is required before continuing with the quiz.
  • Helpful Text - Optionally display helpful text if the wrong answer is selected to give quiz takers a nudge in the right direction. 
  • Timed Quizzes - Set a timer, in minutes so quiz takers only have X minutes to take the quiz. 
  • Quiz Visibility - Add an optional password to quizzes and even restrict access to specific date ranges. 
  • Custom Reporting - Choose which quiz questions to display in the custom report and select a custom label for your own grading purposes. 

Tutorials/Assessments Wizard:

  • Navigation Controls - Disallow, or allow, the use of the back button during the assessment.
  • Interactive Integrated Learning Modules - Build the assessment alongside an interactive learning module that contains text, images, videos, links, and more. Users learn the concepts and take the online learning assessment at the same time. 
  • Easy Reporting - View the correct (green) and incorrect (red) answers for each submission. Preview or delete any submission.
  • Charts, Exports, & More - Run statistical analysis on any individual assessment question to see the % of right vs. wrong answers and export that information as a chart for narrative reporting. 
  • ... and more!