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Searching the Library Catalog

Promote 24/7 anytime, self-paced learning. Create an interactive 'Searching the Catalog' Tutorial that walks the user through searching your live catalog. 

They'll walk away from the tutorial not only having learned a new skill, but accomplishing an actual task. 

Search the Library Catalog

Searching the Catalog Tutorial

Downloading eBooks Tutorial

Downloading eBooks

Promote usage of your eBooks with this interactive tutorial walking users through their first download.

Embed librarian-built videos so users can watch natively inside the tutorial.

Download an eBook!

Understanding Plagiarism

Integrate graded quiz questions alongside a plagiarism learning module...with embedded relevant LibGuides. 

This way, learning is reinforced throughout, creating a scaffolding process.

Do You Understand Plagiarism?

Understanding Plagiarism Tutorial

Book a Room Tutorial

Book a Room

Every LibWizard tutorial has easy copy-and-paste widget code.

Embed a LibWizard Tutorial natively inside any webpage to provide an inline tutorial right at the point-of-need.

Book A Study Room

Citing Resources

Not only can you embed an entire LibGuide, but you can also embed specific LibGuides boxes!

Grab the LibGuides' box embed code, and voila - you're golden!

How Well Do You Cite?

MLA Citation Tool