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mSite Builder: Create Engaging Mobile & Micro Sites

Engage Mobile Users & Get Them Moving!

Drum roll Please.... Introducing the mSite Builder Add-on Module!

A great way to connect with mobile users is to build 'App-like' micro sites on specific topics, ideas, events, etc. 

  • Build a 'Library Tour' micro site, and mobile users can engage in a walking tour of the library using the micro site to guide them.
  • Create a mobile 'Scavenger Hunt,' and users of all ages can have fun while learning about the library.
  • Develop a mobile 'Conference Website' so attendees can find local lunch spots, view the schedule, and give real-time program feedback.

By creating engaging, mobile-friendly sites, you're speaking to mobile users in 'their language.' 

The mSite Builder add-on module fully integrates with LibGuides and LibGuides CMS. Use a familiar interface and even reuse assets from your LibGuides site!

It allows you to build mobile websites on just about anything. Each mSite Builder subscription gives you the ability to create up to 5 mobile/micro sites. Create independent, purpose-specific sites. Think of them like apps, but ones you don’t have to install. Just navigate to the URL, and you’re there.