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Pickup Manager - Schedule & Communicate Holds Pickups

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Pickup Manager integrates with LibCal for scheduling and LibAnswers for SMS/Chat communication. If you don't subscribe to either or both of these tools, we can work with you on setting up lite versions of these tools with flexible pricing. Contact us:

While scheduling is currently required, we are looking to remove the LibCal scheduling component from Pickup Manager. So if you're interested in the communication-layer of Pickup Manager, but not the scheduling component, please contact us! Contact us:

Currently, ILS integration is required. Please see our current list of ILS-integrations. We are investigating:

  1. Removing ILS integration requirement
  2. Adding LibAuth integration (CAS, SAML, Shibboleth, ADFS, LDAP, etc)

Yes! Pickup Manager seamlessly integrates with your LibCal Spaces module and your LibAnswers SMS/Chat.