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How 'Suite' It Is! Springshare's Suite Package

What Can You Imagine?

When is the Library Open?

Add LibCal Hours to your LibAnswers and LibGuides homepages so users have ready access to library info.

LibCal Integration inside LibAnswers

Create a "Get Help" Page

Create a reusable LibGuides 'Get Help' Page with your library hours, LibAnswers help services, embedded chat, and a LibWizard feedback form.

Surveys in Canned Replies

Add a 'Closing' Canned Message including a feedback survey that you send at the end of a chat transaction to get instant feedback. 

Adding LibWizard Survey to LibChat

Embed Chat...Everywhere

A great way to advertise your LibChat reference services is to make sure you embed those widgets everywhere.

LibChat on LibCal homepage

Survey to your Signature

Create a custom signature in LibAnswers and add a LibWizard feedback survey to get real-time feedback on your reference service.

LibAnswers Email Signature

Add FAQs to LibCal Emails

Connect My Scheduler appointments with FAQs, share FAQs in the Room Booking email and Calendar event emails  so users are well-informed.

LibCal Confirmation Email

Add a 'How-to' LibWizard Tutorial to LibCal Room Bookings

Create a LibWizard Embedded Tutorial on how to book a study room and embed it dynamically inside your LibCal Room Bookings.

This way, expert users can go ahead without having to wade through instructions while novice users can get the help when they want it.

Inserting LibWizard Tutorials inside LibCal