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How 'Suite' It Is! Springshare's Suite Package

Seamless Cross Product Integration

Integrate LibAnswers Natively...
Into Your LibGuides

Embed a list of your most popular FAQs or a list of FAQs by Topic for point-of-need help. Users can search FAQs and even submit their questions with an embedded 'Ask Us' Question Form..natively inside your LibGuides. Users access your curated resources and relevant FAQs and online help in one portal.

Integrating LibAnswers FAQs into LibGuides

Gather User Feedback on LibCal Events

LibWizard integration with your LibCal Calendar events & My Scheduler appointments makes it easier than ever to gather invaluable feedback right while it's fresh in their minds. 

Integrating LibWizard into LibCal

Adding a LibGuide to a LibCal Event!

Connect your LibGuides content in LibCal events. Users register for events and gain access to your curated guidea to boot! Create:

  • Key Election Events with an Elections LibGuide
  • Author Reading Events with Book Club LibGuide
  • Federal Holidays (July 4th) with Historical LibGuide
Adding a LibGuide to a LibCal Event

LibConnect Auto-Retrieves Data From All Springy Tools

Patron activity from public-facing Springy Tools are auto-retrieved and added to a Patron's LibConnect record. 

  • LibGuides + E-Reserves
  • LibCal Room, Event, My Scheduler Bookings
  • LibAnswers Email, SMS, Twitter Interactions
  • LibWizard Survey, Quiz, Form, & Tutorial Submissions
LibCRM Interactions

2-Way LibWizard/LibGuides

1. Embed Guides In LibWizard Tutorials

Seamlessly integrate LibGuides into Tutorials connecting curated content with learning outcomes. 

2. Share LibWizard Content Inside Guides

Increase feedback & assessment opportunities. 

LibWizard Integration

Widgets In Profile Box

Embed a LibAnswers or LibChat widget and a LibCal My Scheduler widget inside your LibApps profile box.

Your LibApps profile box appears across many of your Springshare tools so users can seamlessly chat with a librarian, book a research consultation, or search LibAnswers FAQs! 

LibApps Profile